How to Get Started with WPNewsman: Plugin Configuration

WPNewsman is configured by default to collect the subscribers’ email addresses and names and send confirmation and welcome emails. Watch this video guide to get started with WPNewsman:

How to Customize the Subscription Form in WPNewsman

Our newsletter plugin allows you modify the subscription form in any way you like and make it easy for you to collect the subscriber’s data you need. Watch this 3-minute video to learn how to add new fields to the form, customize the form fields, title, header and footer and even insert an image into the form:

How to Quickly Create a Digest Email Newsletter in WPNewsman

In addition to regular email newsletters, WPNewsman allows you send a blog posts digest to your subscribers. Watch this video to learn how to install a template from our templates’ store and add posts excerpts to the message:

How to Edit Templates and Messages in WPNewsman

In WPNewsman you can customize your email templates including system templates as you want. There is a rich template store where you can download and install email templates from. Plus, you can import the email template from a .zip file. From this video you will learn how to work with email templates and messages in WPNewsman:

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