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Top Questions about WPNewsman

I know you guys provided the shortcode to add the signup form to posts/pages, but I need to add it to the site template. Can you provide me with the PHP code to add the signup form to my template?

Use this PHP code in your template

<?php echo do_shortcode('[newsman-form id="1"]'); ?>

I need to adjust the padding for the form and went through the css folder. Usually there is the style.css, what css file do I need to modify to adjust the padding?

You can add the code at the end of your theme’s style.css. You can use Safari/Chrome Developer Tools (or Firefox Firebug plugin) to find the classes of elements that you want to style. If you want to change just the padding between form elements use this code:

.newsman-form-item {
margin-bottom: 0.5em !important;

Is there another class that moves the entire form and not the individual fields? The class stated above moves the individual fields which I won’t need.

To move the entire form, use the code below:

ul.newsman-form {
padding: 5px;
margin: 5px;
list-style: none;

Just installed the Lite version, I want to amend the sign up widget text and add an image. I can’t find where to do it.

Click on “Lists and Forms” under WPNewsman in your WordPress admin, then click on “Edit Form” under the list name. Here you can edit the opt-in form text and fields. To add an image, click on Add Field -> HTML and type the image HTML code as the field content.

When the W3 Total Cache plugin is enabled, WPNewsman sends multiple copies of the same email to each subscriber. I tested this using a small test list with only two names. Over 100 copies of the email were sent within a few seconds. Is there a fix for this?

If you use the W3 Total Cache plugin and have the database caching turned to On, go to the W3 Total Cache Settings panel and under the Advanced settings for Database Cache add “wp_newsman_” to the list of “Ignored Query Stems”.

In the previous plugin (G-Lock Double Opt-In Manager), there was an automated blog broadcast ($rss to email) functionality. However, in WPnewsman it seems to be missing. If you have to manually load the past week’s posts each time for the weekly email and send them, it would become frustrating. Is there a way to automate this?

We intentionally removed this feature. We think that without this feature the plugin encourages people to send better, more valuable newsletters. The author edits each email manually and can add some special content (some organization info or insight) to reward his subscribers and keep the list healthy. WPNewsman is not a direct replacement for the old plugin but more of an evolution of it. If you need exactly the RSS to email functionality, there are better options which can help you achieve your goal.