WPNewsman Plugin Documentation

Our newsletter plugin is pre-configured by default to collect the subscribers’ email addresses and names and send confirmation and welcome emails.

Watch this quick video guide to get started with WPNewsman:

WPNewsman Beginner’s Guide in PDF                                      WPNewsman Reviewer’s Guide in PDF

You can modify the default settings of the plugin as you like to make the subscription process and email sending meet your marketing needs.

  • Configure Settings — you can customize the From name and email address and depending on your site configuration use PHPmail, sendmail, your SMTP server, Gmail or Amazon SES SMTP settings.
  • Create Lists and Forms — you can create lists and customize the optin subscription form as you like: add text fields, checkboxes and radio buttons, make the fields required or optional.
  • Customize Action Pages — here you can customize the pages used in the double opt-in process such as the subscription confirmation page, “Thank You” page, unsubscribe confirmation page etc.
  • Create and Customize Email Templates — here you can customize default email templates used in the double opt-in process as well as create your own marketing templates and use them for newsletter design.
  • Create and Send Emails — in the Mailbox you can create an email newsletter either using a quick message option or choosing from available templates and send your newsletters to subscribers.
  • Send Posts Digest — here you will learn how to create a digest template to send blog posts digest to your readers.
  • Use Short Codes in Emails — here you will find numerous short codes that you can use to merge different subscriber’s information into your newsletters and you will learn how to create your own short codes.
  • Track Opens, Clicks, Unsubscribes — here you can learn about email tracking statistics you can get for your email campaigns sent using WPNewsman.
  • Use External Tracking Tools — using Google Analytics or Piwik tracking tools you will get detailed reports on your website’s visitors, conversions and sales.
  • Manage Subscribers — you can unsubscribe users, delete subscribers, import and export subscribers and re-send a confirmation email to ‘unconfirmed’ users.
  • Automated Bounced Email Handling — in the Pro version you can use the built-in bounce handler module to process bounced emails after each mailing and keep your lists clean and verified.
  • WPNewsman Pro Activation — though the free version of WPNewsman supports all main features, some advanced options such as the ability to send to more than 2000 subscribers and create different mailing lists are available in the Pro version only. Watch the video in this chapter to learn how to convert your free version of WPNewsman into the Pro version after you buy the license.
  • Use WPNewsman API — here you will learn how to use the WPNewsman API.