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Create a digest email in WPNewsman

How to Quickly Create a Digest Email Newsletter in WPNewsman

In addition to regular email newsletters, WPNewsman allows you send a blog posts digest to your subscribers. You can insert posts excerpts into any template or new message.

From this quick video you will learn:

  • how to install a template from our templates’ store
  • how to create a message from the template
  • how to add a post digest to the message
  • how to add the unsubscribe link, link to view email online and links to your social profiles to the message
Edit welcome message in WPNewsman

Welcome Message Best Practices: 5 Steps to Better Welcome Message

Email marketing starts with collecting opt-in subscribers but the ultimate goal of your list building strategy should be getting lifetime customers. The actual measure of your marketing success is not your subscribers’ list, it’s your customers’ list.

So, getting opt-ins is important but what is more important is to communicate with them, show them your appreciation, and do your best to help them achieve their goals. You’ll develop a long-term email marketing program to maintain your customers but it all starts with the welcome email. Engaging new subscribers is as important as collecting opt-ins in the first place. Below are 5 tips and best practices for creating and sending welcome messages.

wpnewsman subscription form

10 Tips for Creating Opt-in Email List and Sending Newsletters

When done properly, email marketing can effectively support your business at a relatively low budget. As the goals and target audience may differ depending on your market niche, we’ll focus on the subscribers’ list building which is the starting point of any solid email marketing program. We’ll share with you the top 10 tips on how to create a responsive email list and maintain long term relationship with your subscribers.

Create signup form in WPNewsman

Where to Put the Subscription Form to Get More Subscribers

The Pro version of our newsletter plugin allows you place different subscription forms to your site and collect subscribers into different mailing lists. This feature suggested a cool idea to me that I want to share. Using this capability of the Pro version you can easily find out the best place for the opt-in form on your website to get the more subscribers possible. So, if you are hesitating about whether to add the signup form to the side bar, or inside the page, follow our advice to see where your opt-in form works better.

wpnewsman double optin process

Why WPNewsman Uses Confirmed Opt-In Method

According to SpamHaus, confirmed opt-in means that the recipients has confirmed permission for the address to be included on the specific mailing list, by confirming (responding to) the list subscription request verification.

Confirmed opt-in ensures that the recipient subscribed using a valid email address and with the email address owner’s permission. It legally protects the email sender because the subscription confirmation received from the recipient proves that the recipient intentionally subscribed and grants permission for the mailings.

With that in mind, we designed our WPNewsman plugin so that it allows to collect subscribers around a WordPress site using the confirmed opt-in or double opt-in method. However, some users believe that the single opt-in method is better because it does not require an extra step from the subscriber while you still have the proof of the subscription fact.

Below we’d like to shatter the most widespread myths about the confirmed opt-in method and explain why we implemented confirmed opt-in in WPNewsman. 

wpnewsman rating

Help Us Spread the Word about WPNewsman!

We don’t usually ask much of you. We try to make you happy. But today we’d like to ask your help. Do you love the WPNewsman plugin? If it’s saving you time, money, gives you a direct control of your list and helps you stay in touch with your subscribers on a timely manner, please, spread the word about it.

We are happy if our little plugin makes your life easier and helps you in business. We believe that with your word of mouth it can be known by others who are at pain with collecting subscribers and sending them newsletters.